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A friend of mine, my own house. On my own / by myself Unit 80

Unit 80

A friend of mine, my own house. On my own / by myself


(a) A friend of mine / yours / his / hers / theirs.

(а не `a friend of me/ you / him' и т.д..):


A friend of mine... A friend of Mary's...


- We went to the country with some friends of ours.

(а не `some friends of us')

- Ted quarreled with a sister of his.

- It was a good suggestion of yours to celebrate my birthday

in the forest.

- That lady over there is a friend of my mother's.

- It was a good idea of Sam's to go fishing.


(b) My own .../ your ... и т.д.


own используется только с личными местоимения,

а не с артиклем (нельзя употреблять `an own flat',

`an own computer', и т.д.):

my / your / his / its / our / their


my own falt your own house her own computer


My own ...= что-то, что принадлежит только мне:


- Do many young people in the USA have their own house? (а не

`an own house')

- He doesn't want to share with anyone. He wants his own room.

- Unfortunately the flat hasn't got its own entrance.

- It's your own fault that you've no job.

- Why do you want to take my car? Why can't you use your own?


Мы употребляем...own..., чтобы сказать, что мы

делаем что-то сами, а не кто-то это делает за

нас. Например:


- Jess always cuts her own nails. (= она стрижет их сама; она не

ходит к парикмахеру)

- Does he grow his own vegetables? (= выращиваете ли вы их сами

в саду, вместо того, чтобы покупать их в магазине?)


(c) On my own / by myself


On my own и by myself оба означают alone.


on my/your/his/her/its/our/their


by myself/yourself/himself/herself/itself

by ourselves/yourselves/themselves




- Mary likes living on her own / by herself.

- Did you come on your own / by yourself?

- Fred was sitting on his own / by himself in his room.

- Little children are not allowed to swim on their own / by themselves.


Что касается myself/yourself и т.д. смотри также

Unit 81.

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