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Reflexive pronouns (myself/yourself etc.) Unit 81

Unit 81

Reflexive pronouns (myself/yourself etc.)

(a) Возвратными местоимениями являются:


В ед.числе



(один человек)


во мн.числе



(более одного)



Возвратные местоимения используются вместо me, us и т.д., когда

речь идёт в предложении об одном и том же человеке (в предложении

эта персона является и подлежащим, и дополнением):


Sue cut herself while she was sewing. (а не `cut her')


- I never pay for her. She always pays for herself. (а не ' her')

- I like to sit alone talking to myself.

- Use your head and not your fists. Try to control yourself!

- If you want more to eat, help yourselves.

- The picnic was great. We enjoyed ourselves very much.


(b) myself и т.д. никогда не используются после

bring / take something with.. или после

feel/relax :


- I went out and took the case with me. (а не `with myself')

- I feel great after having a bath. (а не `I feel myself great')

- It's good to relax.


myself и т.д. обычно не используются после

wash / dress / shave :


- I woke up early, I shaved, washed and dressed.

(а не `shaved myself' )

(But - I dried myself. )


или после глагола meet :


- When shall we meet? (а не `meet ourselves / meet us')


с Усвойте разницу между selves и each other:


- Sam and Tassy looked at each other.

(= Sam и Tassy смотрели друг на друга)


- Sam and Tassy looked at themselves in the mirror.

(= Sam и Tassy оглядывали себя)




One another может употребляться вместоeach other:


- How long have you and Ben known each other (или one another)?

- We never liked each other (или one another).


(d) Myself и т.д. также ещё употребляются с другим

значением. Например:


- `Who wrote your composition for you ?' `Nobody. I wrote it myself.'

- I'm not going to make your bed. You can do it yourself.

- Let's try to do it ourselves. It will be much more cheaper.

- The singer himself wasn't very good but I liked the music.

- I don't think Ted will do the work. Ted himself doesn't think he'll

manage to do it. (или `Ted doesn't think he'll manage to do it himself.')


Что касается `by myself / by yourself' и т.д.

смотри Unit 80c.

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