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Plural and uncountable nouns with and without the Unit 74

Unit 74

Plural and uncountable nouns with and without the

(a) Определенный артикль the обычно не

используется перед существительным, когда

имеем в виду что-то в целом, вообще:


- Scientists are so clever I'm afraid to speak to them.

(учёные вообще, а не отдельная группа учёных)

- I don't like cats.

- I like handball and chess.

- Life means everything to me.

- My favourite subject at school is literature.


Запомните:most people, most things.

(а не the most ...)


- Most people like to watch TV.


(b) The потребляется, когда мы имеем в виду

что-то конкретное:


- We went into the garden. The flowers were wonderful.

(not flowers in general but the flowers in this garden)

- Children like playing. (Children in general)

- Tom took the children to the Zoo. (not children in general but his

own children)

- I like all cars.

- The cars we saw were the latest model.


Разница между чем-то в обобщающем значении

и чем-то конкретным не всегда чётко ясна.



- Does he like tea?

- Does he like strong tea?

- Does he like the tea? (конкретный вид чая)

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