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Tenses Unit 18

Unit 18

Present perfect

(I have done/ I have been doing)

with how long, for, since

(a) Времена Present Perfect и Present Perfect Continuous используются для того, чтобы показать, как давно началось некоторое действие.


- I have been thinking about it for a long time.

- They have been married for many years.

- He has been reading since he came.


(b) Оба времени Present Perfect (I have done) и

Present Perfect Continuous (I have been doing) употребляются для выражения действий, повторяющихся на протяжении определенного

отрезка времени. См. также Unit 16b.


- She has been playing chess for 10 years.

- She has played chess for 10 years.


с Мы используем Present Perfect (I have done) для описания ситуаций, которые существуют в течение длительного времени(особенно, если употребляется always).Обратите внимание, что ситуация еще сохраняется:


- My parents have always lived in this small town.

- He has looked after Miss Gregg for many years now.


Для ситуаций, возникших недавно, мы используем Present Perfect Continuous (I have been doing):



- My friend has been staying with us for several days.

- I have been learning English since September.


(d) Ряд глаголов, например, be, have, know

(список смотри в Unit 3b и глагол have

в Unit 24) обычно не используются в

Present Perfect Continuous и вместо Continuous употребляется Present Perfect:


- I've loved her since she was a child.

- But we have been in conference for two hours - he said.


(d) Если известен период времени, в течение которого совершалось действие или момент, в который это действие началось, никогда не используйте Present Simple (I do) или Continuous (I am doing).


- What are you doing here? I'm waiting for my friend.

- How long have you been waiting for her?

- I've been waiting for her for about an hour.

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