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English 4 beginners

English for those who just started to learn

Alphabet with pictures is presented below


Introduction to English grammar

Noun answers the questions WHO or WHAT
Examples of nouns:
John, George, Lion, Monkey, Pencil, Pen, Hen, Tie, Nose, House ...
Verb answers the question WHAT TO DO?
Examples of verbs:
to go, to come, to do, to make, to meet, to sleep, to eat, to give, to take ...
Adjective answers the questions What? What kind of? What sort of?
Examples of adjectives:
good, bad, big, small, green, black, white, tall, high, low, short ...
Pronouns can be: I, You, They, We, He, She, It
Persons/Singular or Plural:
First person    - I, We
Second person        - You, You
Third person     - He, She, It, They
Singular and Plural
Making word combinations with adjectives and nouns:
Good boy, high building, wide screen, big table, red carpet, nice car, little girl, interesting book
Making word combinations with verbs and nouns
go to work, buy a book, sell potatoes, win the game, speak the truth, like a dog, give advice, get help
Making simple English sentences with pronouns, verbs, nouns and adjectives:
Examples: I love a black cat, Suzy gets useful injection, The dog jumped over the wooden fence, We stopped by the beautiful house, The book discussed different people, John wanted the biggest prize, Baby cries to young lady

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