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All/all of,no/none of, most/most of etc. Unit 82

Unit 82

All/all of,no/none of, most/most of etc.


all no/none much/many some half

any most little/few each


Все эти слова (кроме none и half) могут

употребляться с существительным:


- Some children are very noisy.

- Did you put any sugar in my tea?

- I've got no parents.

- All computers have monitors.

- We have very little money, and very few friends.

- Study each example carefully.


- Most people do not walk in this district.

(а не `most of people' или `the most people')

- Mike is much more talkative than most children.

- There were many dresses in the shop. Each (one) was

a different colour.

(b) Эти слова (кроме no) могут употребляться

без существительного:


- `I need some milk. Have you got any?' `Yes, but not much.'

- `How many sisters has Helen got?' `None.'

- Most people like Sam but some don't.


с Эти слова (кроме no) могут использоваться с

предлогом of :

some of the people, all of these cars, none of my money etc.


Когда вы используете эти слова с предлогом of,

вы также должны употреблять слова

the / this / that / these / those / my / your / his и т.д.:

some of the people (а не 'some of people' ),

all of these cars (а не 'all of cars' ).

- Some of the people at the conference were very friendly.

- Most of my students are from London.

- None of this money is his.

- Each of the towns in this country has its own government.

- I haven't read many of his tales.


Со словами all и half мы обычно опускаем

предлог of :

all (of) my friends

half (of) the money (not 'the half')


(d) После all of / none of и т.д. также можно употребить

it (неисчислимое) и us / you / them (множественное число):


- `How much of it have you eaten?' `Not very much.'

- `How many British scientists do you know?' `Not many.'

- Do any of you want to drive?

- `Do you like his poems?' `Some of them. Not all.'


Помните, что предлогof очень важен:


all of us (а не `all us') half of them (а не `half them')


Что касается no и none , смотри Unit 85b.

Дополнительную информацию об этих словах вы

можете найти в Unit 83,Unit 87.

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