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To, been to, into By car / in my car Unit 119

Unit 119

To, been to, into By car / in my car


(a) To

Мы говорим go to/come to/travel to(и т.д.), когда

речь идет о местах или событиях. Например:


go to America

come to England

return to Italy

fly to Moscow

walk to work

drive to the airport

go to the bank

go to a party

go to a concert

be sent to prison

be taken to hospital

go to bed


Мы говорим get to (однако arrive in/at -

см. Unit 118e):


- What time did you get to London/work/the party?


Мы говорим go home/come home/get home и т.д.

(без предлога):


- I'm tired. Let's go home. - What time did you get home last night?


(b) Been to

I have been to (a place)=Я побывал где-то; Я ездил

туда, но теперь я вернулся назад (см.Unit 13c):


- Have you ever been to Japan?

- I've been to Rome four times.

- Ann has never been to a football match in her life.

- Jack has got plenty of money. He has just been to the bank.


(c) Into

Go into/come into и т.д. = enter

(в комнату/в здание и т.д.):


- I opened the door and went into the room.

- Don't wait outside! Come into the house.

- The man the police were chasing ran into a shop.

- A bird flew into the room through the window.


(d) By car / in my car

Мы используем by ..., чтобы сказать, каким

образом мы путешествуем:


by car

by train

by plane

by boat/ship

by bus

by bicycle


by road

by rail

by air

by sea

by Underground


- `How did you go to Paris?' `By plane.'

- Tom usually goes to work by bicycle / by car / by bus / by train.


Однако, мы говорим `on foot':


- Did you come here by car or on foot?


Однако, нельзя сказать by, если Вы говорите

`my car/the train/a taxi' и т.д.

Говорят `in my car' (но не `by my car'),

`on the train' (но не `by the train').



Для машин и такси мы употребляем in:


in my car in Tom's car in the car in a car in a taxi

Мы говорим

get in(to)/get out of машины или такси:

He got into the car and drove off. (или 'He got in the car...')

Для велосипедов и общественного транспорта (автобус, поезд и т.д.) мы употребляем on:


on my bicycle on the bus on the 6.45 train on a big ship

Мы говорим get on/get off

(велосипед, автобус или поезд):


Quick! Get on the train. It's ready to leave.


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