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Verb + Object + preposition (2) Unit 129

Unit 129

Verb + Object + preposition (2)


Посмотрите на список конструкций

глагол + дополнение + предлог:



prefer someone/something TO someone/something (см.Unit 64):

- I prefer tea to coffee.

protect someone/something FROM (или against) someone/something:

- He put sun-tan oil on his body to protect his skin from the sun.

(или ... against the sun.)

provide someone WITH something:

- The school provides all its students with books.

regard someone/something AS something:

- I've always regarded you as one of my best friends.

remind someone OF someone/something

(= вызывать воспоминания о чем-то):

- This house reminds me of the one I lived in when I was a child.

- Look at this photograph of Tom. Who does he remind you of?

однако: remind someone ABOUT something

(напоминать кому-то о чем-то):

- I'm glad you reminded me about the party. I had completely forgotten


remind someone to do something (см.Unit 55b ).

sentence someone TO (a period of imprisonment):

- He was found guilty and sentenced to six months' imprisonment.

spend (money) ON something:

- How much money do you spend on food each week?

Note that we usually say `spend (time) doing something':

- I spend a lot of time reading.

throw something AT someone/something (in order to hit them):

- Someone threw an egg at the minister while he was speaking.

однако: throw something TO someone (for someone to catch):

- Ann shouted `Catch!' and threw the keys to me from the window.

translate (a book и т.д.) FROM one language INTO another


- George Orwell's books have been translated into many languages.

warn someone ABOUT someone/something (of иногда также


- I knew she was a bit strange before I met her. Tom had warned me

about her.

- Everybody has been warned about the dangers of smoking.

О `warn someone against doing something' см.Unit 60b

О `warn someone not to do something' см.Unit 55b .



О конструкции

глагол + дополнение + предлог +-ing см.Unit 60b.

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