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Verb + Object + preposition (1) Unit 128

Unit 128

Verb + Object + preposition (1)


Посмотрите на список конструкций

глагол + дополнение + предлог:


accuse someone OF (doing) something (см. также Unit 60b):

- Tom accused Ann of being selfish.

- Three students were accused of cheating in the examination.

ask (someone) FOR something:

- I wrote to the company asking them for more information about

the job.

однако: `ask (someone) a question' (без предлога)

blame someone/something FOR something:

- Everybody blamed me for the accident.

или blame something ON someone/something:

- Everybody blamed the accident on me.

Также говорят: `(someone is) to blame for something':

- Everybody said that I was to blame for the accident.

borrow something FROM someone:

- I didn't have any money. I had to borrow some from a friend of


charge someone WITH (an offence / a crime):

- Three men have been arrested and charged with robbery.

congratulate someone ON (doing) something (см. Unit 60b):

- When I heard that he had passed his examination, I phoned him

to congratulate him on his success.

divide/cut/split something INTO (две и более части):

- The book is divided into three parts.

- Cut the meat into small pieces before frying it.

do something ABOUT something

(= делать что-то, чтобы улучшить ситуацию):

- The economic situation is getting worse and worse. The

government ought to do something about it.

explain (a problem / a situation / a word и т.д.) TO someone:

- Can you explain this word to me?

(но не `explain me this word')

также: `explain (to someone) that/what/how/why ...'

(запомните порядок слов):

- Let me explain to you what I mean.

invite someone TO (a party / a wedding etc.):

- Have you been invited to any parties recently?

leave (a place) FOR (another place):

- I haven't seen her since she left home for work this morning.

point/aim something AT someone/something:

- Don't point that knife at me! It's dangerous.


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