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Questions (1) Unit 49 Unit 49

Unit 49

Questions (1)

(a) Обычно вопросы конструируются изменением порядка

слов: мы помещаем вспомогательный глагол

(auxiliary verb)(AV) перед подлежащим (subject)(S):


S + AV

AV + S


you are

are you?

Are you happy?

he can

can he?

What can he do?

Fred will

will Fred?

Where will Fred go?

the window was

was the window?

Was the window opened?


(b) В вопросах в Present Simple используйте do/does:


S + AV

AV + S


you like

do you like?

Do you like reading?

he works

does he work?

Does he work hard?


В вопросах в Past Simple используйте did:


S + AV

AV + S


you went

did you go?

When did you go there?

he lived

did he live?

Did he live in this house?


Будьте внимательны с who/what/which в вопросах.

Если who/what/which является подлежащим (Subject),

не пользуйтесь do/does/did. Сравните:


who - the Object (Дополнение)

who - the Subject(Подлежащее)

Alice phoned somebody.

Who did Alice phone?

Somebody phoned Alice.

Who phoned Alice?


В этих примерах who/what/which подлежащее:


Who wants something to drink? (а не `who does want')

Who invented the bicycle? (а не `who did invent')

What happened to your friend? (а не `what did happen')

Which tram goes to the centre? (а не `which tram does go')


с Вопросы с отрицанием.

Вопросы с отрицанием используются главным образом:

для выражения удивления:

- Didn't you hear the news?

В восклицаниях (!):

- Isn’t it a fine day!

Когда мы ожидаем, что слушатель согласен с нами:


- `Haven't we met before?' `Yes, I think we have'.


Обратите внимание на значения ответов yes и no

на вопросы с отрицанием:


Yes. (= Да, мы ездили.)

- Didn't you go to the country?

No. (= Нет, мы не ездили.)


Обратите внимание на порядок слов в вопросах с



- Why didn't you write the letter? (а не `why you didn't write')

- Why don't we go to the beach? (а не `why we don't go')

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