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Had better do something It's time someone did something Unit 65

Unit 65

Had better do something It's time someone did something


(a) Had better do something


Значение had better (I'd better) соответствует

значению should. `I'd better do something' =

Мне следует сделать что-то либо мне рекомендуется

сделать что-то; Если я не сделаю этого, может

случиться что-то плохое:


- I have to meet Tom in ten minutes. I'd better go now or I'll be late.

- `Shall I take an umbrella?' `Yes, you'd better. It might rain.'

- We've almost run out of petrol. We'd better stop at the next petrol

station to fill up.


Отрицательная форма:

had better not('d better not):


- You don't look very well. You'd better not go to work today.

- `Are you going out tonight?' `I'd better not. I've got a lot of work to



Форма постоянно: `had better' (в разговорном

обычно 'd better). Мы говорим had хотя имеем в

виду настоящее или будущее, но не прошедшее время:


- I'd better go to the bank this afternoon.


Помните, что после had better инфинитив

употребляется без частицы to:


- It might rain. We'd better take an umbrella. (но не 'better to take')


(b) It's time ...


Можно сказать

it's time (кому-либо) to do что-либо:


- It's time to go home.

- It's time for us to go home.


Вот другая конструкция.

It's time someone did something:


- It's nearly midnight. It's time we went home.


В конструкции It's time someone ...используется

прошедшее время (went), хотя имеется в виду

настоящее или будущее, но не прошедшее время:


- Why are you still in bed? It's time you got up. (но не `time you get up')


Мы применяем конструкцию

It's time someone did something особенно в тех

случаях, когда жалуемся на кого-либо или порицаем

кого-либо, или когда мы думаем, что кому-то уже

следовало сделать что-то:


- It's time the children were in bed. It's long after their bedtime.

- You've been wearing the same clothes for ages. Isn't it time you bought

some new ones?

- I think it's time the government did something about pollution.


Мы также говорим `It's high time someone did something.'

`It's about time.'


Таким образом мы усиливаем выражение своего

недовольства или порицания:


- You're very selfish. It's high time you realised that you're not the

most important person in the world.

- It's about time Jack did some work for his examinations.

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