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Tenses Unit 23

Unit 23

Past Perfect Continuous

(I had been doing)

(a) Past Perfect Continuous образуется при помощи глагола to be в Past Perfect + Participle 1 (had been doing). Past Perfect Continuous может обозначать действие, которое завершилось перед другим действием в прошлом.


- Although the sun was shining, it was still cold as it had been

raining hard for two hours.

- He felt tired when he came home as he had been playing football.


(b) Past Perfect Continuous также употребляется,чтобы показать, как долго что-либо происходило перед тем, как что-то еще случилось.


- She had been sleeping for two hours when we returned.

- It had been raining for an hour when I left home.


(c) Past Perfect Continuous (had been doing)-

это прошедшее время от Present Perfect

Continuous (have been doing).





How long have you been waiting?

(до сих пор)

He's out of breath.

He has been running.

How long had you been waiting when

the bus finally came?

He was out of breath.

He had been running.


(d) Сравните формы Past Perfect Continuous

(had been doing) и Past Continuous (was/were doing):


She had been sleeping for three hours when we returned.

(есть есть указание на то, как долго продолжалось действие).

She was sleeping when we returned.

(нет указания на то, как долго продолжалось действие).


(e) Некоторые глаголы (например, know) не могут

использоваться в форме Continuous.

Смотри список этих глаголов в Unit 3b.

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