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Tenses Unit 6

Unit 6

Will (1)

(a) Мы используем will ('ll), когда мы решили сделать что-либо во время разговора:


- Oh, He's left the door open. I'll go and shut it.

- `What would you like to eat?' `I'll have a sandwich, please.'

- Did you visit Mary? `Oh no, I forgot. I'll do it now.'

- I'm too tired to walk home. I think I'll take a bus.


В этих предложениях использовать present simple

(I do) нельзя.


- I'll go and lock the door. (а не `I go and lock the door.')


Не используйте will, когда говорите о том, что уже решено
(существует договоренность) сделать:


- He can't visit you tomorrow because his parents are coming to see him.

(а не `his parents will come')


Отрицательной формой will является won't (или will not):


- Секретарь:I'm afraid Mr Fred can't see you until 8 o'clock.

-Вы: Oh, in this case I won't wait.


Мы часто используем I think I'll ... или I don't think I'll .., когда мы решаем что-то сделать:


- I think I'll stay at home and read tonight.

- I don't think I'll go out this evening. I'm too busy.


(b) Мы часто используем will в следующих ситуациях:


Предложение что-то сделать:

- That box seems to be heavy. I'll help you with it. (а не 'I help')

- `I need a pen.' `Don't worry. I'll lend you mine.'

Согласие или отказ что-то сделать:

A: You know that money I lent you? Can I have it back?

B: Of course. I'll bring it back tomorrow. (а не `I bring')

- We've asked him to help us but he won't.

- The bike won't start. ( = the bike `refuses' to start)

Обещание что-то сделать:

- Thank you for lending me the car.

I'll give you it back on Sunday. (а не `I give')

- I won't tell Sally what you've said. I promise.

- I promise I'll inform you as soon as I arrive.

Просьба к кому-то что-то сделать

(Will you...?):

- Will you make coffee, please?

- Will you please be a little quieter? I'm trying to concentrate.



Об will см.Unit 7. Об will и going to см.Unit 8

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