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In, at, on (position) (1) Unit 117

Unit 117

In, at, on (position) (1)

В этом уроке рассмотрим общие предлоги

in, at, on, указывающие место.


(a) In

in a cage in the sea in a quenue

Эти выражения следует запомнить:


in the street in a picture in a station

in the sky in a mirror in a photograph


- I live in Pushkin Street.

- There were a lot of clouds in the sky yesterday.


(b) At

at the window at the table at the top of the hill

Эти выражения следует запомнить:


at the crossing at the traffic lights at a staircase

at lunch (dinner) supper at school/(the) university at the top


- We are pupils of the seventh form at school No. 4.


(c) On

5 bottles on the blackboard on the hand on a page

on the wall

Эти выражения следует запомнить:


on the left on the right on the coast

on the way on a road on a river

on the ground floor on the first floor и т.д.


- Shakespear's native town is on the river Avon.


(d) In,at,on the corner

Мы говорим in the corner of the room, но

at the corner (или on the corner) of a street:


- The table is in the corner of the room.

- There is a beautiful house at/on the corner of the street.


(e) In/at/on the front In/at/on the back

Мы говорим 'in the front/in the back of the car':


- She was sitting in the back (of the car) when we crashed.


Мы говорим 'at the front/at the back of a hall/

building/cinema/group of people' и т.д.:


- The piano is at the back of the hall.


Мы говорим 'on the front/on the back of a letter/

piece of paper' и т.д.:

- Write your name on the back of this piece of paper.

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