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Verb + preposition (1) Unit 125

Unit 125

Verb + preposition (1)


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глагол + предлог:



apologise (TO someone) FOR something (см. Unit 60a):

- When I realised I was wrong, I apologised to him for my mistake.

apply FOR a job/a place at university и т.д.:

- I think this job would suit you. Why don't you apply for it?


believe IN something:

- Do you believe in God? (= Do you believe that God exists?)

- I believe in saying what I think. (= I believe that it is a good

thing to say what I think.)

belong TO someone:

- Who does this coat belong to?

care ABOUT someone/something (= think someone/something is


- He is very selfish. He doesn't care about other people.

care FOR someone/something:

i) = like something (обычно в вопросах и отрицательных


- Would you care for a cup of coffee? (= Would you like ...?)

- I don't care for hot weather. (= I don't like ...)

ii) = look after someone:

- She is very old. She needs someone to care for her.

take care OF someone/something (= look after):

- Have a nice holiday. Take care of yourself!

collide WITH someone/something:

- There was an accident this morning. A bus collided with a car.

complain (TO someone) ABOUT someone/something:

- We complained to the manager of the restaurant about the food.

concentrate ON something:

- Don't look out of the window. Concentrate on your work!

consist OF something:

- We had an enormous meal. It consisted of seven courses.


crash/drive/bump/run INTO someone/something:

- He lost control of the car and crashed into a wall.

depend ON someone/something:

- `What time will you arrive?' `I don't know. It depends on the


Можно опускать on перед вопросительными

словами (when/where/how и т.д.):

- `Are you going to buy it?' `It depends (on) how much it is.'

die OF an illness:

- `What did he die of?' `A heart attack.'


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