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It is said that.../He is said to...etc. and supposed to Unit 45

Unit 45

It is said that.../He is said to...etc. and supposed to

(a) Рассмотрите такую ситуацию:


Кольцо очень дорогое.

Никто не знает, сколько оно стоит, но:

It is said that the ring is $1.000.000.


The ring is said to be $1.000.000.

Оба предложения означают:"Говорят, что кольцо стоит 1.000.000."


Такая конструкция может использоваться с глаголами:

thought believed reported understood known

expected alleged considered


Рассмотрите такие примеры:


It is said that he sleeps 2 hours a day. или He is said to sleep 2 hours a day.

It is believed that boys like football. или Boys are believed to like football.

It is expected that the flight will be или The flight is expected to be delayed.


It is reported that the village was или The village is reported to have been

ruined in the storm. ruined in the storm.

(b) (Be) supposed to...


(Be) supposed to иногда употребляется в

значении it is said to (говорят):


- Let's go to this restaurant. It's supposed to be very good.

(= Говорят, что он очень хороший; люди говорят.)


Иногда эта конструкция употребляется в

значении `should`. Используйте supposed to,

чтобы сказать о чем-то, что планировалось

или намечалось, и это часто отличается от

того, что произошло на самом деле.


- You are supposed to start work at 8 o’clock.

- Children are supposed to go to school every day.


Довольно часто эта конструкция употребляется

для того, чтобы указать на контраст между

`what is supposed` и `What really happens`.


- You were supposed to come early. Why are you late?

- Cats are supposed to be afraid of dogs, but my cat fights with them.


Not supposed to часто выражает запрет

(а не allowed to).


- Young people are not supposed to buy strong drinks.

- You are not supposed to spend my money.

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