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The skeleton of first assignment with useful phrases/structures
[ Download from this server (557.0 Kb) ] 2011-10-23, 3:27 PM
Use the followings to start writing in the introduction:
The given table describes/illustrates/represents/presents/provides information… about…for the period of xxxx to xxxx/during the xxxx years/from xxxx to xxxx.
Continue writing in the introduction with axis information:
The horizontal axis/line shows/describes …
The vertical axis/line shows/describes …
Also you can use this structure:
On the horizontal axis there is information about…
Opening phrases like the ones below can help you to start your body:
In the beginning, Firstly, First, First of all
Also use: First, Second/Then, Third, Finally, At last Firstly, Secondly/Then, Finally
In order to link sentences use the followings: Next, Further, Moreover, In addition, Also, Consequently, However, Although, Despite
Use these for comparisons and/or contrasts: In contrast, On one hand … On the other hand…, compared to, In comparison to, While, though, although, nevertheless
Use different voice structures for describing the same data:
ACTIVE VOICE: People buy 15 kg of apples.
PASSIVE VOICE: 15 kg of apples was bought by people…
Use different structures: X makes / comprises / has / involves / relates / is / is equal to 15 % of apples
Start conclusion with one of the following structures: In conclusion, As a conclusion, To sum up, To summarize it is possible to note/say that …
Remember effective conclusion should not exceed one or two sentences.
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