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Tuesday, 2021-11-30, 5:46 PM
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Main » 2012 » June » 10 » Sentence writing
11:03 AM
Sentence writing



a. The dramatic increase in the number of cars on motorways is producing a negative/dreadful impact on environment.

b.                       People will go on relying on their vehicles until comfortable and cheap transports won’t be provided. /means of public transport won’t be introduced.

c.  The increase in numbers of households with more than 2 automobiles has deteriorated the situation.

d.                       The idea/novelty of sharing the car by several people for travelling didn’t prove to be efficient/effective.

e. Although the amount of poisonous elements in petrol/gasoline was decreased, as parallel/in the same time it still makes a serious harm.

f.   The measures taken by the government to regulate the amount of emissions from the used cars proved to be insufficient.

g.  Moreover, the growing  air contamination has damaged  the health of people.

G#2: Furthermore   air  pollution resulted in bad impact on humans health . 

G#3: However, the increase of air and environment pollution caused negative consequences in the health of the humanity. J

h.                       Main problems within inner-cities are became as a result of respiratory diseases .

The number of respiratory diseases in urban areas increased significantly . /There is a substantial growth in numbers of respiratory diseases in urban areas.

i.     The by-products of unleaded goods are effecting to innate/inborn diseases.

j.    People will reject public transport while the car still remains the symbol of independence and unique personality. /…the car is still considered to be the symbol of …

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