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Forum » Test category » English language forum » Prepare For IELTS (Prepare For IELTS is a book of practice iELTS exams to help)
Prepare For IELTS
BakhtiyorDate: Sunday, 2012-06-10, 11:52 AM | Message # 136
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new government bill abortion is now illegal.)
Q.30 B. (The reader slalcs thai the flights will begin
within a month.)
Q.3I D. (The reader says that i/lhc candidate is con-
victed, he will almost certainly be sentenced to al
least two years imprisonment.)
Q.32 False (You need a passport-sized photograph.)
Q.33 True (If they are unemployed and live al least
3kms from the university.)
Q.34 False (People thinking about studying can also use the counsellors.)
Q-35 True (Counsellors provide individual assistance
and workshops.)
Q.36 False (It is a good idea to make an appointment.)
Q.37 True (An adult is a person over sixteen; there is
no upper age limit.)
Q.38 True (If they are full-time.)
Q.39 False (A small tec is charged.)
Q.40 False (There is no menlion of ihis.)
Q.-41 True (Poor punctuality is classified as inappro-
priate behaviour and may be penalised.)
O Listening Test 3

Q-1 C Q.26 40
Q-2 A Q.27 full-time
Q-3 C Q.28 Ihrce
Q.4 B
Q5 enrolment Q.29 C (The second sentence of the lecture stales that
Q.6 opening ceremony few people want to acknowledge or recognise the
Q.I general orientation product ivily crisis. Furthermore, answers A, B and D
Q.8 sports carnival directly contradict information given in the lecture.)
Q.9 first lecture Q.30 A (While Australia is 70% arid or semi-arid,
Q.10 free this is largely a natural occurrence. Bad agricultural
practices have aggravated this.)
Q.ll great grandparents Q.3I B (The relevant information is given in Ihe sen-
Q.12 marine biology tence ' .... while the major political parties are enthusi-
Q.I 3 loo cold astically promoting an increased population for
Q.14 loo expensive Australia ...')
Q.15 making friends Q.32 D (Answer A is incorrect as there is a yearly in-
Q.16 water polo crease in population. The lecturer also states thai Ihe
Q.n sharks (feeding habits) growth rale is far higher than almost all industrialised
Q.i a 2 years countries, not most countries, so answers B and C are
Q.19 trading company incorrect. Furthermore, answer D is Ihe central Ihcmc
Q.20 Iravel of the entire lecture.)
Q.33 0 (The speaker's emphasis is on a stable rather
Q.21 university than necessarily a small population (answer A); an-
Q.22 15 swer B is nonsensical; there is no reference to answer
Q.23 $49,000 C with regard lo Sweden; this leaves only answer D.)
Q.24 New York Q.34 A (Answers B, C and D are all recommenda-
Q.25 (faculty) staff tions made al the end of the lecture.)
BakhtiyorDate: Sunday, 2012-06-10, 11:52 AM | Message # 137
Major general
Group: Administrators
Messages: 426
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O Acknowledgements
Sources of texts:
' Australia's I jnguislic 1 listory', 'The Composition of Australia's Overseas Born Population by Birthplace, 1981',
'Purposes of Language Study', and 'Optimum Age for Language Learning', extracts from A National Language
Policy. Report by ilie Senate Standing Committee on Education and the Arts. October, 1984. AGPS. Commonwealth
of Australia copyright. Reproduced by permission.
'Some Trails of Language', extracts from D. Bolinger, Aspects of Language, 2nd ed., Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
(USA), 1975. (permission sought)
Graphs on pages 28 - 29:1. Bcreson and S. Rosenblal, Inquiry Australia, 2nd cd. Heinemann Educational Australia,
an imprint of Rigby I Icincmann, Richmond, Victoria, 1985. Reproduced with permission.
'Stricken Sea Needs l>ong-Tcrm Solution1, B, Keller (permission sought); 'The Heal Is On'; and 'The Calendar of
Catastrophe', (abridged) reproduced in The Herald in the Classroom. Global Geography Update, '89. John Fairfax
Education Unit, 1989. Reproduced with permission.
'Ready, Get Set, But Know What You're Going For', Sydney Morning Herald, 6 Sept. 1990; 'Don't Risk a Life
Sentence', Sydney Morning Herald Careers Guide, 9 August 1990;' Leam-as-you-work Uni Opens for Business',
(adapted in Listening Practice Test 3), Sydney Morning Herald, 12 Jan. 1991, John Fairfax Group Ply. Ltd.
Reproduced with permission.
'Towards Global Protection of the Atmosphere', Environment, Vol.30, No.7, Sept. 1988. Heldref Publications,
Washinglon,DC.(pcrmission sought)
'First National Literacy Report', (adapted), and 'Union Buys Student Accommodation', Alumncws, University of
Technology, Sydney, Summer 1989. Supplied by Public Affairs and Publications Unit at UTS. Reproduced with
'Hard Work is Asians' Secret of Success', Dr Stephen Juan, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Sept. 1990. Reproduced
wilh permission of the author.
'Got What II Takes to be a Marketing Manager?', (abridged) David Corklndale, Marketing Magazine, Oct.1989.
Reproduced with permission.
Figures on page 63 adapted from DEET survey published in APC Review, 1-1991, page 12.
'Dial-It Information Services', Your Community Phone Book, 1984, Ixichhardt and Marrickvillc Districts. Telecom
Australia. Reproduced with permission.
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Handbook 1990, Students' Association of the University of Technology, Sydney. Reproduced wilh permission.
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Subjects 1991', handouts on courses of the department of Technical and Further Education, New South Wales, and
The 1991 Higher School Certificate and Tertiary Preparation Certificate Booklet, TAFE NSW, Publications Unit,
Marketing Services Division. Reproduced with permission.
'University of Technology, Sydney, Kuring-gai Campus Information Evenings', advertisement originally published
Sydney Morning Herald Careers Guide, 9 August 1990. Reproduced wilh permission of UTS.
'Consumer Bookshelf, reprint from Choice Magazine, Vol.31, No.7, July 1990.
BakhtiyorDate: Sunday, 2012-06-10, 11:52 AM | Message # 138
Major general
Group: Administrators
Messages: 426
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Published by the Australian
Consumers' Association. Reproduced with permission.
'A Guide to Toxics in the I tome", abridged from Stepping Lightly on the Earth, Greenpeace Australia. Reproduced
with permission.
'What Australians Are Like and How to Get to Know Them', The Welcome to UTS Book, 7959. Information for
International Students, Student Services Unit, University of Technology, Sydney, 1989. Reprinted from Arriving,
Surviving, Thriving: Information for Overseas Students, International Student Centre, University of New South
Wales, 1988. Reproduced with permission.
'The Correct Use of Fire Extinguishers' (diagram), from Fire... Is Our Foe, brochure of the Public Relations Unit,
Board of Fire Commissioners of NSW, Reproduced with permission.
'University Library Guide for Students', extracts from A - Z Guide for Students, produced by the Library of Ihe
University of Technology, Sydney, 1991. Reproduced with permission.
Lecture in Listening Practice Test 1 abridged from The Making of Australia. People From Everywhere. Bay Books,
Sydney, 1982. Used wilh permission.
Lecture in Listening Practice Test 3 abridged from 'A Countryside Reeling', Dr Chris Watson, CSIRO Australia,
published in The Bulletin, Jan.31,1989. Used with permission of the author.
Forum » Test category » English language forum » Prepare For IELTS (Prepare For IELTS is a book of practice iELTS exams to help)
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